Who is Shawn Narcis?

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This page is out-dated in the sense that Shawn has already been elected as Club Growth Director for the term 2015/16. But the information here about who he is and why he ran for election has not changed. In that respect, the Webmaster has decided to keep this page as an archive.


Hi! I am Shawn Narcis, and I am blessed with a lovely family of ladies, my wife Ruey and two daughters Shania aged 8 and Rhyanna aged 2. In fact, it was Ruey who first saw the potential in me to grow and develop as a Toastmaster. To that end, she brought me to my first ever Toastmaster meeting in April 2009.

I have been a Toastmaster since May 2009, and since then have taken office several times, first as Club SAA, then Club VPE, and Club President. At the District Level, I have served as the Division K Governor for the term 2012/2013 where I received the Best Division Governor Award of the year for my term. I have continuously pursued recruiting more members for the clubs in Brunei because I want to share my love of Toastmasters to my friends and also to mentor them through their journey. In 2013/2014 I have recruited 25 members. For this term, I have recruited 13 members and still counting. Today, I serve as VPM of the Brunei Advanced Speakers’ Club, as well as represent Toastmasters International as one of its REP Ambassadors in District 87. Since joining this great organisation, all I have ever wanted to do is to serve and to provide each and every member a platform where they can be successful.

My personal Toastmasters journey has been a great one, not just for me, but also my family and business as a manager for an interior renovation and a lightning protection company. Prior to Toastmasters, I used to tell my clients what I felt they needed. I now understand my clients a lot more and this is through the listening skills I have developed. I also went from bossing my employees around to leading them by listening, delegating and organising our jobs more efficiently. This resulted in a more efficient, productive and most importantly, much happier working environment.

Outside of Toastmasters, I run a Youth Leadership Camp with the Charter President of Brunei Speakers’ Club, Clovis Lai. We help the youth of Brunei by imparting a sense of belonging, empowerment and leadership. Some of these children have grown up and have since become valuable contributing members in Toastmaster Clubs.

I owe this change to my training in Toastmasters meetings, which I attend regularly

  • every Mondays at our newly chartered club UBD Toastmasters Club,
  • every Tuesdays at my home club, Brunei Speakers’ Club and
  • every month at Oil Town Talkers 1 hour away from my home and finally
  • every month at Brunei Advanced Speakers’ Club.

With every meeting I attend, I feel my self-confidence improve along with every leadership skill I learn.

These same skills helped me successfully organise the first ever District Conference in my home, Brunei. Working in a team is hard when you have other commitments and are not paid for your time. From this experience, I learnt how to motivate and lead a team of volunteers, I learnt to understand each person’s strength and their individual capabilities. By giving them the ownership of their individual roles, we were able to achieve a successful conference in my little part of the world.

Since then, I have supported the Division Conferences in Lahad Datu, Labuan as well as the District Conferences in Surabaya and in Miri. Just supporting the Organising Chairs for these conferences have been an incredible experience, seeing first-hand how member shine during the conference and the sense of accomplishment I feel for them. Equally as moving to me is when I see members from all over the District come together to enjoy the bond and connection only Toastmasters can have.

As I progress in my journey, I have come to believe that Toastmasters is about People helping People. No matter who you are, every member in this organisation will help another. I have seen clubs on the verge of closing down reformed into a President’s Distinguished Club. It was all a matter of support from other Toastmaster Clubs around the Area.

10300504_10152540333003551_7585948655834391685_nOver the years, many of the senior members have asked me to serve the District beyond being a Division Governor. Ruey and I were blessed with our second child at that point in time. I decided to put a hold on my leadership journey to focus on my family.

I am very grateful that they have confidence in my ability to be a leader for District 87 and so, after much thought and deliberation and most importantly, with blessings from my wife Ruey, I decided to run for Club Growth Director (formerly LGM) for the term 2015/2016.

I believe that if we go back to basics and hold higher quality meetings, new members will be excited when they come and visit clubs. I believe that quality begets quality and it must start from us. In order for us to attract quality members in the future, we must improve and enforce our own standards. Most importantly, I believe that this is not just the job of the District Leadership, but every Club Executive Committee and every Toastmaster must retain ownership of their meetings for their journey to come.

I promise to support every member in your club who wants to grow in this Toastmaster journey. From the Club to the Area and to the Division and District level, we all can work together on how we can make our journey as Toastmasters as fruitful as possible. I will listen to your President and Vice President Education to understand the challenges that can be addressed through training workshops and membership guidelines in order to improve the strength of your clubs. I will also work on how to provide a sustainable mentor-mentee program for each club as the growth of your club depends on the growth of each of its members. A successful mentor-mentee program will help improve the members and in turn improve the club. And the ripple effects continue, that will in turn improve the Area, the Division and the District.

The foundation which we need to build on essentially is the growth and development of our members resulting in quality meetings. Quality meetings benefit the members and also attract guests to attend and join us on this journey. Most of you already know this formula, let us aim to make it more sustainable for your Club, Area, Division and eventually the District.
We all play a part in growing District 87. Our growth is through your growth in Toastmasters.

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  1. Papa Shawn, as he is fondly known especially in the young UBD Toastmasters Club, is an embodiment of all the qualities required in a true toastmaster. A man of few words but more action, he brings life and lustre to our meetings. His words of advice and feedback come straight from his heart and have proven to be invaluable to our club, which was chartered six months ago.

    Personally speaking, he has helped me start, adjust and grow in my Toastmasters journey in every way imaginable. He is someone who truly cares for and believes in the clubs, their members and what Toastmasters International stands for. The District would prosper under the leadership of such a man and I wish him all the best for the upcoming election. Go go, Papa Shawn! 🙂

  2. I met Shawn in 2011, at D87 Semi Annual Conference, Bali. From the moment I met him, he took me, someone he barely knew under his wings. Although I only get to see him only twice a year, that is during conferences, I have experienced first hand Shawn’s inspirational leadership and his personal brand of caring. Thus I believe, Shawn is the perfect person for our District’s Club Growth Director.

    Papa Shawn, I believe in you.

  3. When I visited Brunei Speakers’ Club as a guest, Shawn passionately talked about Toastmasters.
    When I decided to join the club, Shawn without hesitation eased me through the transition.
    When I am a Toastmaster, Shawn demonstrated what true leadership is.

    “Money can be earned, but not friendship” is always his motto

    He is for one of the few I know who would give his life to support any Toastmaster meetings, for he strongly believe quality of meeting is important, and so is growth of club membership. To say that Shawn breathe and bleed Toastmaster will still be an understatement. This is a man who I aspire to be, a loving husband, a nurturing father and an inspiring Toastmaster.

    I strongly believe the District will grow and unite with Shawn’s leadership, knowledge and passion as Toastmaster. Please cast your vote of confidence to Shawn as the Club Growth Director 2015-2016!

  4. I first met Shawn in Brunei Speakers Club during our election back in 2009. As a new member, he took up the role of SAA; VPE the next term and Club President the following one. During my Toastmaster journey with Shawn, he has grown exponentially. (and i don’t mean sideways) He is a great leader in motivating people and have a wonderful team of members and friends to make things happen!

    With Shawn, there is no “impossible”. If he sets his eyes on it, he will achieve it! Let is be his Coca-cola collection, beer mugs, District conventions, even catering new clubs. Being a Toastmasters for more than 10 odd years, I have never seen an individual so selfless as Shawn that would go the extra mile to help anyone on this journey. So yes! I believe Shawn Cassidy Narcis would be the perfect Club Growth Director!

    Everyone has a learning journey and Shawn has made his full of wonderful people that would inturn go the extra mile to help him! That is what a great leader should be!

    We believe in you Shawn!

  5. Shawn Narcis has been a role model of dedication to the Toastmasters community in Brunei, Division K & our District. Since he joined The Brunei Speakers’ Club, he has been tireless in his efforts investing time and personal resources to the Toastmasters mission by taking up club executive positions starting by being one of the most dedicated Sergeant at arms we ever had. He went on to serve as Club President and did us proud as the first Division K Governor from Brunei. Shawn took up the challenge to successfully organise the first District Conference in Brunei, going on to be active in assisting the organisations of conferences districtwide. When Shawn was appointed one of the Toastmasters District 87 Ambassadors he remained focused on fostering Toastmasters member and club successes. While his focus with us in Brunei is necessarily local his outlook for Toastmasters International as a caring community organisation is global. Either up front or behind the scenes, his easy charm, outgoing manner and huge heart filled with genuine care for his fellow members complemented by his experiences & service at club, area, division and district level, Shawn is the ideal candidate to serve as District 87 2015/16 Club Growth Director.

    ~ Clovis Lai, Charter President, The Brunei Speakers Club

  6. When I first attended the Brunei Speakers’ Club meeting as a guest in January this year, Shawn was the Toastmaster of the evening. His role-play was very impressive. Towards the end of the meeting he again greeted us and said – Hope to see you again next week. That felt very welcoming. My husband Rahul and me are now members of the club. I now know why everyone calls him papa Shawn! He is a very warm person and the point-of-contact for any information you need. His advices come straight from the heart and I have more often benefited from them. He encourages us to participate in all the four clubs of Brunei. Shawn and Ruey took good care of the team when we had been to Labuan this March for division level speech contest. Shawn is a unique combination of a fun-loving, forever-helping, duty-minded Toastmaster. I very much look forward to see him take charge as the Club Growth Director 2015-16! Three cheers – Papa Shawn!

  7. To know what eloquent words to say, to know how to swagger on stage, Toastmasters is where I learn to wow the ladies. Two years later, I am single. However, I still attend Toastmasters meetings. Why? I communicate better now, I am a leader in and out of Toastmasters now, and I am a better person now.

    I want to thank Shawn Narcis, he helped me become the accomplished person I am today. With Shawn as my mentor in Toastmasters, I achieved my Advanced Communicator Bronze award. This is only twenty speeches to many of you but to someone who could barely express his vocal variety and body gestures on stage, I have progressed tremendously. With Shawn’s dedicated support, I know I can achieve so much more as a communicator.

    “Bro, what for you wait? Bro, go. Bro, we’ll support you.” With his gung-ho spirit in our Toastmasters clubs, Shawn motivates and encourages us. Be it at a local Toastmasters event or an international Toastmasters Division or District event, Shawn always encourages us to participate, to learn, and to enjoy the experiences. It could be the food he feeds us, or it could be his alluring smile, whatever his charm is, Shawn persistently encourages us to achieve our goals.

    Shawn empathizes with our individual club members. He invests his personal time and effort to connect with us Toastmasters and to support us. Like a father figure, ‘Papa’ Shawn personally invests in our success. If you are a Toastmaster, Shawn will always be there for you, he always is for us. I am grateful to Shawn for helping me become the communicator and leader I am today. I am comfortable speaking on stage now, and I am able to lead a club as President.

    For the Club Growth Director position, our Toastmasters District needs a dedicated leader. Shawn Narcis is our man. Our District needs an encouraging leader. Shawn Narcis is our man. Most importantly, our District needs a leader personally invested in our members’ success. Shawn Narcis is our man.


    President, Brunei Speakers’ Club

  8. Shawn is the epitome of Toastmasters in Brunei, and I have no doubt far beyond.
    He has provided guidance, counsel and a listening ear to all members, not just in his own home club, but extended to members across Div K, District 87 and more.

    To me, he is Gandhi-meet-Rocky, a fighter where nothing is impossible if we have the right heart and motivation; but deep inside he is a pacifist that only wants the best for people around him.

    I support his nomination as the Club Growth Director wholeheartedly, as I believe members of District 87 deserve to have Shawn, as we had all these years.

  9. “When Learning is Fun, Achievement Soars” – This was on the cover of the April 2014 Toastmaster Magazine. It is proven that when we are happy, our minds are more open and we can learn and achieve more…

    And this is why I believe Shawn Cassidy Narcis will make an excellent Club Growth Director. He is fun embodied and when we think of achievement, it is not only his individual achievements that come to mind, but how his passion for Toastmasters, his encouragement and his unwavering support in whatever others do has helped many of us achieve more for ourselves in Toastmasters.

    Shawn is a big reason why I too am passionate about Toastmasters and helping others. With him as club growth director, I am sure you and your fellow members will encounter Fun in your Toastmasters journey and achieve more as an individual and club.

    When you are in Kuching, take some time out and speak to him. You may be intimidated by his size but believe me, he’s just a teddy bear…

    I fully support Shawn for Club Growth Director and hope you too, will see that something in him and support him too.

  10. Shawn is our Mr Toastmaster in Brunei. Shawn should wear a “Eat. Toastmaster. Sleep. Repeat” shirt.

    He is the first person who introduced toastmasters to me. I could see his love and passion towards toastmasters because he is one who truly believes that toastmaster is a great platform for everyone to grow to be a better speaker and leader. Throughout my few months journey in toastmasters, I’ve admired Shawn’s ability to lead. I am impressed of his getting-things-done attitude and when Shawn does things, he always gives his all.

    Therefore, because of his strong passion towards toastmasters and his great leadership experience, I strongly believe that Shawn has what it takes to be an amazing Club Growth Director 2015/16!


  11. Papa Shawn, that’s what we call him but not just in Brunei Speakers Club, but in every club that exists in the country. This honorific holds a special place in our heart because to us, he is more than just the titles and accolades that he has gained over the years. As impressive as they are, nothing is more impressive than the Papa in Shawn.

    Shawn is, in all honesty, the foundation and ground in which all Brunei Toastmasters rest upon. His selflessness and dedication to the growth of every individual in the club makes him a father to us all. As such, no problem is ever insurmountable because we know Papa Shawn is always there, no matter what.

    On a personal note,
    Papa Shawn, thank you for everything and I mean this with every fiber and muscle of my heart and soul. To reach the pinnacle of the World Championships require more than just talent. It requires the selfless amount of love and support that you gave to me. It requires a shoulder to cry on and your shoulders have been bathed in my pessimism more times than I can count. Yet never once have you complained or wavered in my distress. Instead, you lift my spirits higher. You’re like a superhero to me and to many of us in Toastmasters. I won’t be who I am now without you. That’s honest to God. We love you very much Papa Shawn and don’t you ever forget that.

  12. I first met Shawn during a debate practice for my university in the year 2012, he gave us valuable lessons on how to better improve our speaking ability and invited us to come visit toastmasters but I never visited. Fast forward 3 years later, I finally decided to join UBD toastmaster as well as visit the other clubs. There I met Shawn again, even more dedicated, friendly and inspiring since I first met him.

    Papa Shawn is a person who leads by example, he is very attentive and supportive to the needs of all the Bruneian clubs and its members. Selfless, generous and above all else committed, everyone who has experience his leadership would definitely agree that he has made a positive change in our lives.

    I have no doubt that Papa Shawn will rise up to any challenge he meets and that his vision and strength will make all of us proud.

  13. We only need one word to surmise who our Papa Shawn is. BIG.

    When Shawn speaks, you listen. He possesses a certain charm that commands both your attention and respect.

    Meeting Shawn for the first time a little over a year ago, he was a sight to behold. A man capable of being the most authoritative person in the room but at the same time, having the friendliest and humble attitude towards everybody. Even at first impression, I could see that, without a doubt, Shawn is a true leader. Always calm and collected. Reasoning his way to achieving goals. Making sure that everything he does is handled with great care.

    Selflessness and generosity are part and parcel of what makes Shawn the Papa that he is. Always giving and never taking.

    Investing more than his fair share of personal time and effort, I’ve seen Shawn make sure that we all benefit from our time as Toastmasters. Promoting international Toastmasters conferences. Coordinating events amongst members across the 4 clubs in Brunei. Whether you have any questions about Toastmasters or problems with any aspect of your life or you simply just need a ride, you can count on Shawn to go above and beyond.

    Papa Shawn’s greatest superpower is the ability to believe in you more than you can ever believe in yourself. Always the enthusiastic cheerleader, with him in your corner, you feel invincible!

    I found myself doing things and taking responsibilities that I never thought myself capable of. All thanks to Shawn’s support. Taking part in speech contests. Organizing events. Running for Club Office. He’s occasionally thrown me in the deep end and I always resurfaced a better person.

    Thank you Papa Shawn for being the inspiration that you are. Having you as a friend is a true privilege. You have my full support for Club Growth Director 2015/16.

  14. Papa Shawn!

    When I attended my first Toastmaster meeting, I had the opportunity to witness Papa Shawn attempting Table Topics. He gave the audience chills when he speaks! Later in the meeting, he shared to us how wonderful his Toastmaster journey and how Toastmasters is not only only speaking and taking up roles, but it is a huge family that is taking care and helping each other.

    There is a reason why we all call him the one and only Papa Shawn in town. His never ending support, care and motivation drives everyone to do their best. When you are facing a problem, he will always be right beside you to solve it. To him, no such thing is to hard, no such thing is impossible, because he can always guide everyone to make it happen. I have take up responsibilities that is way beyond my capabilities or so I thought. Papa Shawn guided me and help me to make it happen.

    Thank you Papa Shawn for the never ending care and support. There is no mountains too high for Papa Shawn and knowing him is one of the best things that ever happened in my life. Thank You for everything.

  15. I first met Shawn in any other Toastmasters meeting. I was scared and drowned by Shawn’s physical appearance so I stayed away. But don’t let this gentle bear fool you! As we became acquainted, I slowly learnt how Shawn is. He is the kindest and optimistic person I have ever encountered with. His words of wisdom and motivation never ceases to bring anyone up. Whenever the meetings seem drowsy, Shawn pops up with his kind smile, humorous jokes and wowing persona.

    His guidance and leadership has brought us all closer in all the Toastmasters clubs in Brunei and even outside the region. His motto, which I personally hold dear and apply to anywhere is, “Enjoy your journey.” Because it’s true. Enjoying the journey is the first step to growth. And growth is Shawn’s middle name.

  16. I sincerely support Shawn running for Club Growth Director this coming District Convention at Kuching.

    He is a capable person with a good personality, I strong believe that Shawn will be an extraordinary Leader which will help new clubs & small group of peoples like us to reach a better high.

  17. Shawn is one great Toastmaster who lives and breathes Toastmasters. He is a very responsible leader and will make an excellent Club Growth Director. Our District needs capable people like Shawn who will expand Toastmasters widely and share this wonderful organization to young and old. All the very best, Shawn!

  18. Shawn has help me ax an OC to make a semi-annual conference at Miri successful. Great toastmaster. Go for CGD.

  19. I would vote for Shawn to anything he would contest for. This is solidly so because he is one kind of an elder who lives by his words.

    When i first met him in March 2014, he confidently pitched to a few of us about starting another Toastmasters Club.Indeed, a few months later that Club, the now UBD Toastmasters Club was chartered under his consistent unmatched devotion and guidance.

    I therefore wish to see him take up the Club Growth Director position for District 87. Rather, I can’t wait to see him there!

  20. Shawn is a man of action and knows how to empower people to their full potential.
    I seen this for my very own eyes on a number of occasions. Firstly when I was in Brunei in August 2014 and I was wowed! He picked me up from where I was staying and he lead an entire club on an hour journey to another toastmasters club, just to show support and he does that every week. To say I was impressed is an understatement. When he heard that toastmasters in Bali was in trouble, he came with his wife to plan how we can reinvigorate attendances in Bali, all on his own money. That demonstrates commitment and that is what this role needs. In my opinion he is already the Club Growth Director and this is what his actions have clearly shown everyone at toastmasters in Bali.
    If you are a fan of toastmasters and toastmasters has helped you in some way, you can simply give back by voting for shawn later this month.

  21. Toastmasters is about people; Leadership is about people
    Shawn is a Toastmasters leader and all about people

    It is his very nature to constantly reach out
    To ensure that not a single one is left out

    In others, Shawn sees a fire of desire
    Which he will ignite, nurture and inspire

    He walks his talk and he talks his walk
    Taking others to places they have never walked

    Shawn is a Papa, a friend and a mentor
    Never will you find a better Club Growth Director!

  22. I met shawn the first time I stepped into a Toastmasters club in Brunei; he welcomed me and made me feel right at home. he and I have remained professional and personal friends ever since.

    Shawn brings a contagious enthusiasm to everything he does, and club members naturally gravitate to his friendliness and willingness to teach, learn, and grow together.

  23. Shawn is a dedicated leader who is ever willing to serve . His commitment and selflessness will definitely propel the District to the next level of accelerated growth

  24. I met Shawn in 2010 and I have been fortunate to witness and experience Shawn’s growth as a speaker as well as a leader in Toastmasters.

    Shawn has been the bedrock for Toastmasters in Brunei for the past 5 years and is the main reason why Toastmasters is now thriving again. He has always maintained his commitment during the lean years and that hard work has truly paid off. Simply put, we would not be here today without Shawn.

    I have the utmost faith in Shawn as Club Growth Director of District 87 and I wish him all the best.

  25. What can be said about Shawn Narcis that hasn’t been said?

    When I joined the Brunei Speakers’ Club in March 2014, it was Shawn provided me with guidance, motivation and a friendly face during my CC1. Shawn encouraged me to take up my first leadership role as VPM by July 2014.

    It was also this same gentle leadership that guided the charter of UBD Toastmasters Club, a now thriving community where students and alumni in Brunei’s National University exchange ideas and support one another. To take an excerpt of my speech during the charter installation – “… the lives of young UBD Toastmasters members have become much brighter due to your efforts and guidance…”

    Shawn is a role model to all Toastmasters because of his enduring quality of passion, support and care for each and every individual member.

    I can think of no better candidate for Club Growth Director of District 87 because Shawn is already Club Growth Director for Brunei.

  26. I had known Shawn for many years and he had led by example and walked his talk.He has the vision to bring our organization to greater height, the capability to carry out his plans and most importantly he has the integrity to lead us.

    1. I still remembered my very first meeting, Shawn Narcis was giving a speech. It was flawless and literally blew me away. As a visiting guest, i was sitting there thinking, “I am not going to be that good!” But after that, he reassured me that “If i can do it, you can do it!” Since then, he became my role model. I want to be someone like Shawn who has great passion and commitment for Toastmasters; and his selfless personality never fails to inspire me because he cares. I know this man can do great things the very first day i saw him and i have absolutely no reservations of what he can do for the Toastmasters family. You have all my support, Shawn!

  27. I have known Shawn for several years since our first encounter in District 87 Annual Convention in Kuching. From the very first day, he has struck me as a very warm and friendly man, with his radiating charisma. He is a great example of what a leader could be – motivating, positive, and with him, it seems like you are always in good hand. Once a great Indonesian businessman told me, if you want to know how great a man stands in society, look at how he treats his wife and friends, and you’ll get the answer.

    I am from Indonesia, and I have to say that mingling around the Bruneians was probably one of the best experiences I had during my trip to Kuching, and Shawn is like the Father of the tribe. He’s the protector, the firecracker, the comforter. Now, I can’t be any happier for District 87 when Shawn told me that he’s running for the Club Growth Director for this District. I can vividly portray how this District will flourish, remembering his capability, his past experiences, not to mention a plethora of awards he achieved. Good luck Shawn, and may you get as much as, if not more, than what (I am surely sure) you will contribute to this District.

  28. Shawn Narcis, a confidence, persistent and passionate leader who provides support to any individual to achieve their fullest potential in Leadership and Public Speaking. A humble person, with full of experience and knowledge about toastmaster, that he has gain from the past few years. We see him not just as a leader in our toastmaster community, but a friend that cares about it members.

    I’ve met Shawn a year ago when we invited him and Ruey Chong Narcis (AG) to our University, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, about a plan to establish the first Toastmaster Club in one of Brunei’s renowned educational institution. He delivered his briefing with full of conviction and persuasion that captivates the attendees. For the past few months, our University has carved a historical moment when we charted our Club 6 months ago. I believe without the support and dedicated hard-working person like Shawn, this dream would never come true. His knowledge guides us, his experience benefit all our community and his charismatic ways of leadership glued into our mind and heart.

    In addition to my statement above, Shawn expressed his potential not just by words, but through action. Last year, i’ve attended my first ever, Semi Annual District 87 conference in Miri Sarawak. There, i’ve seen more than enough to prove how Shawn can lead through example with precise action. As a person who is down to earth, i see him as an important soul that drives others to be great leader in their respective field by sharing his ideas so others can follow his footsteps.

    I was surprised with honor to be awarded a special pin from District 87 (Grow and Flourish) from him. It was truly an eye tearing occasion in my life that i’ve been recognize by individual who only knew me for several months. This has made a strong impact upon myself and the rest of the toastmaster community in Brunei.

    Shawn has done so much for all of us and he will be a great and inspiring leader that all of us will support along his journey. His Spectacular ways of works ignites our mind on how professional we can be. Importantly his patience made him a leader that we respect, a friend that we all love and a mentor that we can learn from. I am confident that he will be a great Club Growth Director for our district 87

  29. Gladly endorsing Shawn as his energy has been a magnet to many people. District and the organization will be blessed with his leadership and we are thankful that he has stepped up in giving his time to serve higher office. Ritchie District 51 Governor 2009/2010

  30. I joined Brunei Speakers Club just around the same month as Shawn did, May 2009. I have not only witnessed his exponential growth, but also his commitment, dedication and love for Toastmasters. I look up at him not just as a father, but also as a fellow Toastmasters and friend.

    This loveable man proved to all of us and myself that Toastmasters growth is for everyone and it was he who told me that everyone has different starting points and only you can determine your future by acting on it. He was the one who told me about Oil Town Talkers i(OTTERS) in Seria and suggested that I stay on being a member when I doubted myself of committing to Toastmasters when I was just about to start work that year.

    Thanks to his spiritual support, I stayed and am an active member of OTTERS. As of recent, he managed to convince me that I am capable to join the Advanced Club as he has been intricately observing my attendance as well as my voluntary participating in the Table Topics. His faith in other’s potential growth is unwavering and astounding. He continues to impress me with his dedication and will, as he encourages even those, from a different club to pursue higher. He lives to prove that he will be a capable Club Growth Director for our district 87.

  31. If there is a word to describe Shawn, that would be a LIGHTHOUSE!

    My journey in the TM was not a smooth journey. I met Shawn when I was about to quit the team. And because of his existence, because of him showing and shining the way through the stony grounds, it makes the journey being in TM a worthwhile journey.

    The famous authors for the Leadership Challenge research, Kouzes & Posner listed the five core practices that exemplary leaders rely on to perform their personal best, namely: Model the Way, Inspired the Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart.

    I don’t think Shawn has read the book or undergone the training before, but he possesses all the 5 main practices of exemplary leaders in the world!

    With Shawn around, there is always growth!

  32. I met Shawn Narcis when I attended the D87 Annual Conference when it was held at Kuching Sarawak in 2011, and very quickly found him to be not only a lovely person to speak with, but from our conversation discovered his passion for Toastmasters. Now, reading his achievements over the years, I am certain he will be able to carry out whatever role he chooses or is elected into. I wish Shawn all the very best in spreading the benefits of Toastmasters to everyone he comes into contact with.

  33. The main reason why Brunei Toastmasters ‘ bond are so strong today is because of Shawn. His passion for Toastmasters is as high as mountain, and as wide as river. No, actually, his passion for Toastmasters, ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no river wide enough. Shawn has demonstrated to us what’s leadership and what is giving unconditionally. He will always be there for you if you needed help, even if it’s not toastmasters related.

    He is our beloved papa Shawn. He is our Club Growth Director. We will always support him just like how he always support us.

  34. One of the many benefits of joining Toastmasters in Brunei is that you get to be close with this man! Shawn Narcis is one of few human beings in this world who is capable of loving so much. It is apparent when he talks about his family, his work and of course, TOASTMASTERS.

    Shawn’s support and love makes you feel you are capable of doing things that you never knew you could do. His can-do attitude rubs on you in the most positive manner – and I am proud and humbled to have known him over the years – and count him as a friend. I’m sure most of us in Brunei are hoping that we can keep him to ourselves for a few more years – but Shawn’s impact and passion needs to be shared with everyone!

    This GIANT-HEART of a man will give his ALL into everything that he does – just because he’s not capable of doing anything less. ALWAYS 1000%!!! He will be an excellent Club Growth Director and I am sure that the District will grow IMMENSELY with him there!


  35. In life there are very few people you meet and feel connected in first few interactions. Shawn has that aura around him which makes talking to him or asking him anything super easy. I see him religiously attending Brunei Speakers’ Club. His wise words about the speaker or how the meeting was conducted add enormous value.

    Personally I believe Shawn is all heart. He gives first! He smiles big! He dispenses sage advise as will! Young Toast Masters adore him! A little older Toast Masters respect him and adore him more!

    Shawn will be a brilliant Club Growth Director and am sure that the District will gain with his experience and strong Toast Master values.

  36. Thank you Shawn for being one of the most influential Toastmasters that had inspired a lot of people, including me. Your endless encouragement and training will definitely be missed! We will continue your Toastmasters spirit and you will forever live in our hearts. Rest In Peace!

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